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A MICHIGANDER for 29 years and a NEW YORKER for 26, I am still overly friendly, I just have a little more sauce now.  The KNACK IS 7 years old and helping people organize, beautify, decorate and sell is what we LOVE to do - and we are good at it! We guarantee success, hand holding, fun, and always kindness and understanding. Please see this fantastic article about my work in Domino Magazine.


WE ARE SO VERY PROUD TO ANNOUNCE that we were chosen in the 2019 BEDFORD GUIDE Readers Choice Awards as the BEST STAGER IN BEFORD.  Feeling pretty good about that!!

STAGING — 85% of the homes surveyed in 2018 sold for 6-25% more than their unstaged neighbor. We will make your home more appealing to all potential buyers. We move furniture, reposition artwork, edit, simplify and replace dated items. We have a full service team that can also do outside work because curb appeal is so important. We prune trees, repair stone walls, paint,  power wash and landscape. The most important thing is to make your house look its best in pictures online. We do ALL OF THIS  quickly and affordably. First we use what you have in your own home then we can supplement with purchased items  if needed.  

ESTATE SALES — After you sell your home, or even if you just want to de-clutter, let us help you find good homes for those items you no longer need. Sales are our bread and butter, we have gotten so good at this, we have some groupies.

CLEAN OUTS That house has to be spic and span when you close...We will get it cleared out for you after our sale and dispose of all remaining items.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT — If you need someone to care for your home, manage maintenance, or be on call for emergencies, we can do that. Whether you are down south for the winter or in the city, we've got you covered.

RE-DECORATING — Sometimes you just need another set of eyes to get that fresh look in a room that has lost its sparkle.  We can come in, repurpose, move, adjust  and edit to make the room you hated back into the one where the family hangs together.

ORGANIZATION — If you need help with that basement, attic, office, junk closet, bookcase or any area that has been neglected and is now a little bit scary, we can do that. We can take you from cluttered to peaceful in a day.